I've met 2 girls, got the number from one. how do ask for the number from her friend, without being rude?

also, how do i indirectly ask for the name of the friend? xD i only know the name from the one i have the number
Does maybe somebody else have something to say?


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  • how did you only get one number?

    • lol pretty much they wrote down mine. and one of them got in touch

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    • Wow! Thanks a lot! That's actually some great advice!!:) just curious tho, why do you think it's best to wait a week?

    • One thing i wanted to add. The girl I got the number from lives out of town. The girl that I want the number from lives in my town. Would that change anything?

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  • You don't. How douchy is that.


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  • Do a 3 way

    • Call the other girl on the phone and say, "Hey why dont we call your friend."
      Let me put her on my line.. whats her number?

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