What it means when a girl maintains distance with a guy in presence of other guy?

I like a girl and she also talks very nicely and happily with me... but in presence of one dude, she starts to maintain distance between me and her... and talks very breifly with me for 3-4 minutes and then excuses herself. What does it mean?
  • She likes that guy and did not want him to think that there is anything between me and her.
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  • she does that to make me jealous.
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  • She either feels more ease talking with you alone.

    She could either fancy u or the other dude oe just think of u both as mates

    Don't think too hard

    Are u all 3 share the same religion? Cuz some people act more normal towards certain religion

    • But she stood up from her original seat and went and sat with the other dude for the leture.
      Even in alone, she comes up to me and shakes hand with me and she talks to me for 5 mins and then leaves.
      But she went up from her seat and went to the other dude and sat with him for entire 2 hours for the entire lecture when i was still in the class.
      what does that mean?

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    • Lol try to distract yourself . Make new female friends

    • Hahaha ok sis.

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