What to do about this girl?

Hey was wondering what to do about this girl I've been seeing? We usually text everyday or every second day. She itieates most of the time. But it recently I've been texting her first lately. We ended the convo Friday I had last message and she didn't text me for 4 days after.

i sent her a text today saying hey I haven't heard from you , hope you are ok

she replied this morning , hey I'm ok lol how are you doing? I asked her how school was and stuff and asked about Saturday night if her parents allowed her to go to the party I invited her too. She said no prob not but she'll try to convince them. I replied danm I don't think they will ever change there minds. Then said I miss you I hope to see you soon.

she replied I miss you too

it feels like a lie? I want to confront her and ask if she actually wants to make this work? Should I? Or should I wait for her to text me first? Makes me worry so danm much !!
We hung out 2 Friday's ago, she had a PA day and we watched a movie and made out, cuddled. She said we had a good connection. The not texting thing bothers me though feels like she is just saying these things. Should I confront her and ask if it's worth the hassle of sneaking around etc?
Should I let her text me first? I left the message at I miss you


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  • BRO... remember this golden rule... if a girl doesn't message u first... dont bother chasing her...
    coz in the end she will have the optiion to say it was u...
    and always remember,... the pace of the relation is decided by the woman and not by the man... u should just wait...
    the more u wait... the more respect u will earn and she will miss u more...
    hang in there bro.. dont message now until she initiates...,..

    • Thanks man , I messaged her after saying If she was busy tonight and maybe ill see her at work. I know I dun goofed. I will remember this rule even though my emotions get the better of me!

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    • should I visit her at work man?

    • If she likes u too... she won't let u go remember this...

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