How do you know if a guy doesn't wanna be with you anymore?


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  • I think most guys do one of 2 things. Either tell you it's over, or pull a vanishing act i. e. No more dates, texts, calls etc. You will get sent to voicemail always.

    I almost always do the first. I can't speak for all guys on this one, this is my personal approach. The later is reserved for girlfriends who:

    1. Really pissed me off.
    2. Are definitely going to freak out and get over emotional. I'm not talking about a little crying and pouting I'm talking about border line psychotic behavior.
    3. Have already been told clearly it's over, and are not catching the drift.

    Signs he's probably getting ready to end the relationship:
    1. Compliments and affection decrease if not stop all together.
    2. No talk of any kind implying a future together.
    3. Complaints about you and your relationship increase, insults may begin to occur.
    4. No gifts given, little if any money is spent on dates or if your living together little if any investing in your relationship materially or time spent on house hold tasks.
    5. Seems like he'd rather do almost anything than be with you, and may actually do exactly that. Lame excuses may occur.
    6. Much less time texting, talking on the phone, and spent with you.
    7. REALLY, REALLY doesn't give a rats ass about your thoughts, opinions, feelings, or where you go, who you go there with, or what you do. Might even pick fights with you.
    8. Doesn't make plans with you anymore.
    9. Never happy in your presence. Indifferent at best down right rude or itritated at worst.
    10. Has conversations about ending it.

    With these it's contextual to what's going on in his life, and his personality normally has to be taken into account. You probably need to see a few of these going on. With guys I think the progression to these and the end of the relationship is much faster than with girls. Girls frequently stay in a relationship until a new guy comes along. Guys generally just cut it off, new girl or not.

    I think more info is needed about why you think that and what's going on in your relationship.

    • Well I mean, I try to open up the conversation to see where we stood or propose something or anything to try to work things out, but he completely evades it. If all these things are true and he really wants to break up with me, why doesn't he do it whenever I give him the opportunity to say it?

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    • Now all of that said, I hope it gives you some things to think about. My recommendation to you is probably to cut your losses and move on. I took the time to tell you that lengthy story of military life and my own personal story for a reason. I'm no pushover, no hopeless romantic, and not soft and sensitive but I hope you can see how I had such great affection for my girlfriend. Any guy who really loves you, is content and secure in his relationship with you, and wants to be with you will probably behave like wise. Stressed or tired or not, he'll view you as a respite from the stress of life if he really loves you and you treat him with proper respect. At 23 years old (at the time) I find it difficult to believe (being in the Navy, no service rivalry intended) he is more tired or stressed than I was (unless he is a Navy Seal). Don't believe me? Go watch the movie American Sniper. Watch how Chris felt and his attitude towards his wife was, and certainly he was no pu*sy.

    • That's about the level of commitment and affection towards you, you should see if he really loves you, Marines or not, Navy or not, stressed and tired or not. My recommendation to you is think long, hard, and objectively if you want to continue your relationship with him. Only based off of what I know of your situation, I'd say cut your losses and move on. Yeah if you've been together for several years and he is a bit older it might be different, but it shouldn't be too different. I would submit any guy who is really in love with you military or not, stressed or not who you treat with respect (if you don't respect him and treat him likewise, he will distance himself from you and dump you if he has any balls) will move Heaven and Hell to be with you, and his ACTIONS, not words will show how much he loves and values you. Otherwise it's an ominous concern at best. Best of luck.

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  • He ignores you. when you ask whats The matter? He says nothing

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    • No I mean why doesn't he just break up with me instead of acting distant? I already asked him what was wrong and he went on a whole thing about god's purpose for him. Which, I mean, he is religious, but it was too complicated of an answer for a simple question.

    • He has dilemma i think. between 2 gurls

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  • It would be helpful if you gave us some details about why this is on your mind.

    • we had sex and he isn't acting as sweet. He doesn't wanna FaceTime and he calls me clingy even though I'm not, I understand if he doesn't want to so if I ask, I don't ever ask again. He said "I love you but I'm not in love with you. I wanna take it slow, we took it too fast", but he doesn't even text me anything interesting. If he doesn't wanna get to know me or he treats me like a bro when I try to be romantic. We haven't broken up and I've been trying to get him to open up about it, but we're still together and in still in uncertainty. I asked him if he wanted to be with me and he went on a rampage about God and what his purpose is which evaded the whole question. I didn't get my yes or no and he just asked me "well what do you wanna do?" So I guess we're still together but it's the same shit.

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    • To be clear though I don't think his intention all along was to just lead you on for sex. I could be wrong, but it sounds like he wasn't thinking that far ahead or that deep into it, and maybe even thought he did like you.

    • Read my lengthy, lengthy above answer to a question you asked. After seeing this I think it very much answers your question, and would have been the perfect response to this response you gave.

  • He'll act distant. And won't tell you what's wrong

    • Really? Why doesn't he just break up? I mean, I already had "that talk" with him.

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    • But he does get random rants that redirect the topic when I ask him upfront.

    • How should I get him to talk without making it seem confrontational?

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  • Break up with him, I have pride and I respect myself!


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