Girls, I'm turning 21 next month and never had a girlfriend I feel cursed?

I can't understand I'm 21 next month and never had a girlfriend or had sex with a girl. I look about 15 and I'm 5,7 slim build. Not having a girlfriend makes me feel pissed when I see guys 5 years younger talking about exes at 16 and I'm like what's it like to have a girl who you love and care for and make them feel special. I have been told I'm cute and and a very funny person. But I have always been put as a freind nothing else. I feel upset that I have missed out on meeting a girl and being a virgin at 21 is just making me feel desperate and not good enough. Why me I'm good looking just young looking for my age. Girls want a man and until I develop physically and grow facial hair I feel like I'm gonna have to wait a long time. Wish I looked my age.


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  • HEY!!! Don't feel that way, please. You're 21, not 50. It's completely normal that you've never been in a relationship yet. Don't feel pressured into finding a girlfriend I know you want to know how it feels like but if you just have some patience you will. Don't overstress it just go with the flow. You might meet the girl you'll marry next month, who knows?

    • True I'm trying over the last few weeks to stop looking and not take any notice of girls. Just wanna have fun and party really now. Just my luck with girls I have more chance of winning the lottery at the moment lol

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  • Try to stop tying your self-worth to your relationship status. Not having a date or sex doesn't make you're a worse person. It's better to wait for the experience to occur in time then to desperately try to get it for the sake of just having done it. Then are more important things to be thankful for and happy about, and if you act miserable because you haven't had a relationship, you probably won't have one, because that attutude is offputting. You have to be happy with yourself before anyone else with be happy with you.

    • Yeah I see what you mean I don't show a face around people of being miserable I'm always happy and encouraging towards people it's just when I'm on my own I think this way. Oh well of i have to wait 5 years then so be it. Hard to take tough thanks for you opinion

    • Try not to focus on finding validation for yourself, through having relationships, because you won't find true happiness that way.

    • So don't think or look for girls and maybe it will happen they say if you look for it it won't happen so let's put it this way if I'm still a virgin at 23 I'm losing it regardless

  • dude a relationship and self worth it lies with you! Not from girl but you! You need to do you first! Be your lover! Than you won't need a girl!

    • Lol it sounds like your saying stay single haha I see your point but it's so annoying when all i see is amazing girls.

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    • too bad! I am taken! hahah I just love to help old souls!

    • Lol what a surprise 😁 old you know

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