My mother and sister ruined my life?

I grew up very isolated, I was already fragile because of a harsh medical treatment in my teens, my sister was always very controlling and trying to isolate us from people, she made me a horrible bitter person, my mom was just very strict but not anti social as much as my sister, my sister was very controlling and when she wouldn't get her way she would pick a fight with us, she did it over and over, she literally tried to damage me and tried to make me like her, im bitter now cause I missed out on my teen childhood, I missed out on friendships, lovers, life. I stil livewith them unfortunately, but Its not the same now, I call the shots and they dont dare to talk to me, im 23 and im movimg out soon, its hard without a degree to find a job. My sis of ,29 is still miserable and so is my mom


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  • And what is your question here?

    • hHow can I get over it, I lost friends

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  • I'm sorry to hear that, but like the other poster, was there a question there, or are you just venting. It seems like now at least, you are leaving a bad situation, so as tough as your circumstances may be, they are in your past, and its now up to you, on your own, to give yourself a better future. From the day you move out on forward, you can't blame them for what happens to you anymore. They may have screwed up your childhood, but the future is yours to make with it what you will.


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