What's the worst date you ever had?

Dating someone that had little table manners and was burping. Seriously!!! wow. So got asked out, prepared myself (one hours of ironing my hair) for that?

I immediately split the bill and left before he could say anything. He mistaken that for being generous. LOL

Actually that means the date was beyond bad (disgusting actually) that I don't want to see you again.
**one hour


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  • Worst date I was in the restaurant with her then she ordered octopus and later wen dropped her I saw her ex that they split for few days it was obvious they're not over yet and the girl had shitty personality


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  • The worst date I went on was with a guy who was so arrogant. All he talked about was, " Me, myself & I". I couldn't get a word in for him bragging about himself. He had such an inflated ego. He had no interest in what I had to say. Plus, he talked to the restaurant staff like Shit. After the meal I left... alone.


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  • Probably the worst was earlier this year, I met some girl off Tinder and she was incredibly nervous and awkward. Her eyes were moving around rapidly and when she did laugh she would do this thing where her face quickly changed to being nervous again. After about an hour, I was like "Yeah... so I think I'm gonna go home now"

  • i only had a few bot none of them was inherently bad. i once dated kind of a catfish from tinder (she looked WAY better in her profile pics). it was crappy, because i was disappointed but we still had a nice date.


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