Please take a look at this list and tell me what these signs mean to you - do you think he is interested?

Background: Tim & I have been friends for 8 years. Recently, w/in the past 2 months, Tim started being VERY flirty w/me. I was in a relationship that ended & he was aware of it. Now since the relationship ended I am trying to take it slow & but I have been developing feelings for Tim. I think he is interested - but I don't know for sure. Can you help?

Why I think he is:
-He is constantly flirty
-He came over one night & told me he has developed feelings for me that he doesn't know how to interpert b/c we have been friends for so long.
-He kissed me after telling me how he felt - & has since kissed me
-He has said that what he is looking for in a girl is everything I am - someone he is friends w/, someone he is comfortable, someone he likes being around & can have a conversation w/
-he is always touching me whenever we are together (holding my hand, putting his arm around me)
-He is always looking at me & staring at me
-When we are alone he always holds me & wants to cuddle
-When we are in a group he always touches me to let me know he is there
-He is very forward w/telling me i am attractive & how I am a catch
-He gets shy around me
-His body language in group indicates he wants to be around me
-Other people thought there was something going on b/c of how we are together

Why I think he isn't:
-He doesn't always text me back (this really sticks w/me b/c if he was interested - shouldn't he be texting?)
-He had told me since I just got out of a relationship he wants to take things slow & figure out what this is between us b/c he doesn't want to be a rebound
-He is concerned how genuine our feelings are - he said why wouldn't we have realized it years ago?
-A girl he was seeing a while back recently came back in the picture trying to get another go at it w/him. He had said he was apprehensive to go out w/her b/c he didn't want to betray me but I told him he needs to find happiness even if it is not me - especially since we aren't dating

Thoughts? All insights are great


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  • "he has developed feelings for me "

    Well gee OP :/


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