Do I have to text back? or not? help me

we were in a long relationship. I was paranoid cos I couldn't believe him then. and he wanted to break up one day by text. after that, he has text me sometimes like I love you forever ...merry is it going...when I text back, he text me back sometimes and sometimes not.

one day, he asked me how I am doing. so I said very good and go short trip sometimes he asked me with who I go trip, new boyfriend? he tried to know I have boyfriend or not, said sorry what he hurt me before ,asked me I miss him or not as I said I miss him, he didn't text me back.

next week, he text me and asked me how I am again, so I didn't text back. few hours later he said I don't care about him cos he hurt me.

i don't know what to do. I still care about him, but I'm very afraid of saying that, I don't want to get hurt anymore. I thought it was enough, but I think I still love him want to tell him. but afraid, and I don't know when I can see him again


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  • He is using you. Hoping to get sex if he doesn't have somebody else lined up. He just wants to keep you on the hook and know you are available if he wants a booty call. Do yourself a favor. Stop replying to his texts at all.


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