I like a guy but he is with someone?

I've liked a guy for a little bit now and we flirted very lightly together but he has a girlfriend. We got drunk last night, flirted with each other and cuddled a little, not for long. He told me he was going to leave her and get us our own place and help take care of my son and I. Was really nice. Is it true that drunken words are sober thoughts? He is very respectful towards me, got very protective when his 19 year old adoptive son started hitting on me. He is 26. I am 21. Very attracted to him... Just want to know if I should trust him and what's going on. The girl he's with... Let's just say she doesn't deserve him.


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  • He has a son only 7 year younger than he is? That's really fucked up. You're only two years older than the adopted kids age. No drunk words are not always sober thoughts. You're just a side chick.

    "got very protective when his 19 year old adoptive son started hitting on me."

    Wait did he get protective of his son or you?

    • Lmfao the young man lost his parents in a car accident and the guy I like took him in and adopted him. But I mean, judge all you want. He had his own place and everything at the time and took care of a15-16 year old at the time. But I mean you want to make fun of that go ahead.

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  • 19 year old adoptive son? the fuck?

    anyway, no. This is a disaster waiting to happen. DO NOT count on him leaving his girlfriend for you. Do not hope for it or romanticize about it. A lot of guys will say a lot of shit to you, but they're all talk and no walk. Don't believe it till you see it. He's got to make the decision to leave her on his own. Trust me, I've been in this situation and it ended badly for me.

    • I'm not attached to him or anything. But I'm around them both a lot and around him too. I feel terrible that he treats her so good and she treats him so badly. Hate seeing a guy literally a foot taller than I and beefy break down and cry.

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    • So Bc someone deals with shit that makes them undatable?

    • I'm not saying he's undateable. I'm saying you should question his character.

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  • Why would he adopt someone seven years older than him?

    Before you answer, I'm going to say it's for the same reason that your account was created today.

    • Lmfao learn to read ignorant fuck. I said 19 year old adoptive son and he adopted him when he was 15-16

  • i would not at all put much stock in his drunken words. especially when a guy suggests that he's going to buy a place for you and your kid to live when he hasn't dated you at all

    • something i learned that has proven often true

      "if something sounds too good to be true, more often than not it is [too good to be true]"

  • If he's cheating on her with you, who's to say he wouldn't hear on someone else, like yourself? Just sayin'

    This proves girls and guys can't be just friends, and you know it


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  • Im sorry, but who are you to judge if she deserves him or not? NO ONE but them themselves know their relationship. And anyways, when it comes to love triangles someone always gets hurt. And it's the ''intruder'' who gets hurt in the end, 90% of the time. Im just being honest, dont fall for his sugarcoating.

    • I say she doesn't deserve him because I've known him for a few years before they even spoke of dating and even when he treats her like a queen all she does is complain that he's not doing certain things for her. Just because he doesn't quite literally wait on her hand and foot.

    • Still, you are not fit to judge their relationship, nor is anyone but them.. If he meant that much to you (enough for you to try and break his current relationship), why didn't you hit on him when he was single? Since you said you've known him for a few years? Maybe it's just the ''thrill of the hunt'' you're after, he seems more desireable than he is, because he seems unattainable to you. And it sounds like a very selfish reason. He also sounds like someone who just wants some side action. Why put yourself through such unnecessary drama, when there are a lot of single guys?

    • We both have had too much going on to even consider being able to try. Every time we did we got everyone in our ears telling us no. So we didn't. But things have changed and we no longer care what others think. The reason he hasn't left her yet is Bc I told him to give her time to change. We haven't done anything, haven't kissed, have slept with one another. Just lightly flirt and cuddle when we hang out. Not like grope cuddle just lean on each other. We joke around and laugh and just enjoy each others company. She, before him and I even started hanging out like that, always accused him of cheating on her when the only time he'd leave is to come and hang out with me and a few of our mutual friends. She treats him like a caged animal. Like she can go wherever with whoever and he if he does he's a horrible monster

  • Don't get your kid involved in this relationship where you're likely to just be the side chick. And if he's such a good guy, why would he even be doing this stuff when he has a girl. It doesn't make sense.

    • My son is going to be around him either way, he's a very close friend and has been for years. No matter what he'll be around and my son is too young to remember.

  • You should back up and away from him until he's single. But do you really think moving in with someone right after possibly getting with them is the best of ideas in case it doesn't end up working out?

  • Please don't do anything with him until you're 100% sure they're done you don't want to be a home wrecker

    • Oh I'm not going to I wouldn't do that. And by definition of a homewrecker I'd have to be breaking up a marriage or family. And they are not even close to a family lol they haven't been dating even 3 weeks yet

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