Who is in the wrong?

My brother is angry at me or still living at home (im a student and i dont make enough to be on my own, i have to take loans out) He thinks i should get out because he despises our mother and older sister, he is extremely bitter and angry, i know the things that happened werent right, there was a lot of emotional abuse and my mom was a bitch my older sister a terrotial control freak bitch, but i got over it and pretty much put it aside and forgive but i dont forget, i dont talk to them as much anymore, my mom suffer from depression and my older sister a personality disorder. He hates me now because he thinks i should choose my diginity and leave even if i have to sleep in a basement with barely any money. I hate to say it but i feel he lives too much being bitter and angry and you literally feel his anger, who is right? who is wrong? me or him? he pretty much disowned me...


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  • he feels like since you've forgiven them, you've betrayed him, he feels alone. like he's the only one who remembers.

    • its the mature thing to do, my younger si did leave but she struggles a lot, she had a stable job , I didn't. I know I should have taken care of myself but the jobs werent stable

    • then, perhaps he really doesn't want you to leave... just getting ready for when you do.

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  • So he expects you to leave with no way to get by on your own? That's not very considerate. I feel like he's holding too much negativity against the rest of your family.


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  • He's in the wrong. He's letting his anger towards your mom and sister get in the way of your well being because you're definitely better off at home rn


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