When getting to know someone?

Recently, I met this guy. Although he is older than me we view the world in very similar ways. Now, I'm someone who doesn't like small talk or beating around the bush. I like to get to know people, for real. Yesterday we talked a lot, it was interesting and I got to see a little bit of who he is. But I'm a little lost on how to go forward.

When starting a conversation do I just go with the usual "Hey, how was your day?" before building up to what I actually want to talk about or is it better to go straight to the big questions, so to speak?


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  • Depends on the situation. If you're not really close yet, the "How was your day?" or "What are you up to?" approach is great... Just don't pester him.

    Once you've got more of a friendship / relationship going on and are spending more time together you can go more of the direct way.


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  • Start with how was your day

  • "How was your day" is a perfect way to start the convo. It shows you're interested


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