Is she not interested anymore?

Long story short, she admit she likes me and I like her. She asked me out on a date but I couldn't mate it but I made sure to invite her although she wasn't able to come then. We still talked for a while then she started being hot/cold then I was finally able to do a date so I asked her, and she gave me a maybe, she later apologized because she had been so busy with things and wanted to know what I was up to that night - but I couldn't make it out. She offered a new date and I agreed to it a few days when I found out that I was free that night (she knew I was trying to figure out my work schedule).

She then flaked because work with no apology or attempt to reschedule but kept talking to me about it the next day. Is she just not interested anymore?


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  • If she kept talking to you, then I think she is really interested. She just wants to really feel wanted...

    You should also take into consideration thw way she speaks with you now.. If you notice a change, like short, dull, late answers that might tell you something. However, you should just ask her what is going on. Being straightforward is always the best

    • Well it was her continuing how she couldn't come etc and being sad about it. Like She had already told me the day before she was going to be stuck at work the next day, but she kept messaging me about it and the next day telling me the situation and what not but never made another offer

    • I think she expects you to do that :)

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  • I think the complete opposite of everyone else sure they can be right she might have actually lost interest but I think she likes you and wants you to gain more interest in her and wants you to chase after her and put her on a throne or pedi stole above everyone you get it?

    • Why do you think that?

    • Girls want to be put on a pedi stole and be looked as the queen because they expect the man in the relationship to do most work which is usually what ends up happening and the way girls always wanna be the priority no matter what so if that's the way she can get your attention to chase after her it's what she will do.

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  • Wow, you two really need to get more free nights. Or make daytime dates. It would get old for me if multiple attempts didn't work out.

    • Well I tried, but she can be so indeterminate sometimes.

      Like she didn't even say yes or no, just another maybe again. Her wording was something like she doesn't know if she can come... what the hell does that mean? You either know or you don't lol

  • I also think she lost interest

    • Okay, I just don't get why she invited me out only to flake on it like that. Why bother?

    • yeah people do things like that, i dont get it either

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