He avoids talking about anything serious with me?

I started seeing one of my friends when we were at uni.
We would spend every night together & every day together & I fell hard!
He just got out of a relationship & said from the beginning that he didn't want another one, which was fine for me at the time.
He lives 2 hours away but since we have moved home it's only gotten stronger. We message every day, ring most days & visit every week or 2.
He says he misses me, when he is drunk he tells me he loves me, but still about 6 months of seeing each other he avoids talking about anything serious.

I just spent a few days with him & he was so quiet the last day or so because of family fighting but I felt like he took it out on me a bit, showing barely any affection, making me feel unwanted. I asked him when we were falling asleep if he would ever be with me, he just hugged me but didn't talk about it.

When end I told him that my friends knew about us he was so worried about how I labelled it. He wants to buy tickets to a festival to spend New Year's Day together but I'm just afraid it's ending & don't want to spend the money if we will have an awkward day together...


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  • Then move on.


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