Girls big emergency please help?

My girlfriend has this slutty friend who's everywhere (parties, clubs, bars) and this particular girl came into our town and asked if we can hang out with her at a bar. Me and my girlfriend said yes. It was Friday 6pm and we had made plants to hang out at 10pm. Unfortunately i fell asleept and i missed a ton of calls/txt from my girlfriend. I woke up at 2am and i returned the calls. As we all know bars close at 2am worldwide. My girlfriend is not answering and insteads text me. She said he and her friend we're invited by 3 guys they met at the bar for them to come to there house only 3 blks away from the bar. I get there and they are all outside hanging out of them dudes house stairs porch. As i get there my girlfriend is begging for her drunk friend to come with us (since she's drunk and is affraid she might get raped). My girlfriend friend didn't want to come with us and wanted to stay wit the 3 strangers. I then whispered to my girlfriend to leave her friend there since she wants too stay. We leave and as we are leaving one of them 3 dudes shouted to my girlfriend "HEYYYYY I WILL text YOU"... My girlfriend didn't say anything and kept walking with me. Me and my girlfriend got into it in my car and she told me they just used them dudes for drinks and that they only went to the house since they had offered more beer (yes girls do use men for drinks and also my own sisters do this at bars so guys watch out).

Needless to say we went at it and offender my girlfriend and called her a whore like wtf is she thinking going to a dudes house 3am and then asked me to pick her up at 3am. Well my question is did i do the right thing or did i do wrong?


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  • apologize for calling her a whore but keep an eye on her still cuz u never know.. also take her out on a date WITHOUT the friend and talk to her about it. Good luck


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  • She was being a whore. Going to a house with 3 random dudes, fucking stupid.

    • I'd have dumped her ass. '' Hey I'll text you!'' Hey, I'll beat your face in! Should have hit that guy in the throat. Drunk people are not hard to fight.

      You don't need women who will go to a man they just met's house... You just fucking don't. It sends the wrong message, and yet, she gave him her number!!!

      WHAT THE FUCK! She isn't even my girlfriend and that makes me angry.

      I went to a bar and some guy was hitting on my girlfriend when I was away, and she told his ass on the spot she had a boyfriend, that is how you handle that situation.

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  • Snooze you loose!

  • @jade steel


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