Would you contact someone who was annoyed with you, or let them reach out?

Went on 2 dates with this guy. On Monday, I invited him to happy hour for Tues at 7pm. He said he'd keep me posted because of a meeting he was scheduled for at 730.

On Tues, he didn't call until 4pm, which I found a bit rude. He said it was because the meeting still wasn't confirmed yet. He said we could link afterwards at 9pm, and I said fine. Every response I gave him had a slight annoyed tone to it, mainly because he's pulled this before (contacting me last minute). He did explain himself, said there was miscommunication and was very sweet, but I still couldn't help but sound slightly pissed.

Anyway, he didn't contact me after his meeting. I'm thinking it was because of my attitude. Should I reach out?


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  • Yep, you should be the one who reaches out.


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  • Yes, it's a good idea 😊


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