How to tell if a guys into you in different situations?

Im pretty shy and quiet, and awkward at flirting.

Im 24 and pretty sure guy below is 26
So Im bad at figuring out if a guy likes me or hints of them flirting and interested. So whatare some tips to know if guys like or interested in you (me)?
Specifically a guy who works with you / a manager whos cute and single and will find times to talk to me/ make me laugh. But i dont know much about him. And i dont know if there times he flirting or not. I also wanna know how to tell if a guys NOT interested in you


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  • Umm, he sounds friendly towards you. Not sure if he is into you though.

    • Yeah I'm asking for tips on if he'sjust friendly or how t9 tell if he likes me little more

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