I'm pro choice and my girlfriend is not supportive of abortions. She's Catholic and in Muslim. Should I voice my opinion?

We've been dating for 4 years now. As time progressed I've notice she's very stubborn and does not see things from my perspective or refuses to do so ultimately having an argument and me 99.99999997% apologizing I shit you not. Lol so my real question is how do I stop apologizing so much? And for the girls that say "clearly you say or do something wrong" no I don't so keep that comment to yourself. Thank you 😊
The pro choice is just one of the things that we don't agree about most recent one. However I'm talking more about like simple things like I was at my schools basketball game and I told that and she told me to have fun and I was like thanks then I texted her When it finished and she was like that took so long and got mad. So what the fuck. Shit like that


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  • Well feel free to have your own opinion, don't apologize for that. Just accept that she has her own opinion as well.


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  • Well I fail to see it being prominent in your relationship unless she's pregnant and doesn't want to keep the baby.


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