I need help what can I do?

First sorry for my bad English
Well this is my story with the guy that i may regret for the rest of my life
He is handsome smart and toooo nice so i used him ; he was ready to do anything for me like helping me with my studies , fixing my problems...
He chased me for two years and texted me everyday sometimes i dont respond and he always make excuses to be with me
i flirted with other guys in front of him sometimes he looked sad
After all of this i realised he could be the perfect guy for me and managed to give him a chance ; suddenly he desapeared from my life he never texted me since two weeks and changed his routine so he could not see me ; and when i see him he take another way (we are in the same college) i tried to text him but he replied with one or two words
I know i was like a b***h but now i really loves him ; is there anything i can do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just drag him to one side and tell him how sorry u are face to face explain how you have realised u love him and regret your actions. It could be too later but worth a try.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Learn from your actions and don't take advantage of other nice boys from now on! Maybe try apologizing?

    • I have apologized but he still avoids me ;i don't think he still loves me

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  • Apologize and make him realize that u have changed for him


What Girls Said 1

  • Too late dude. Move on.


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