Asking a girl out via facebook?

Last week I asked a question regarding messaging a girl I like on facebook, (I ended up talking to her on facebook, I already talked to her in person though, but I didn't really knew her that well). That conversation on facebook went well, and we continued our conversation in person the day after.
Now here is the thing, yesterday I went to a Christmas dinner from our school faculty. She also was there, but we didn't really had the chance to talk to eachother, we made eye contact and smiled to eachother a couple of times though. Now, since next week is gonna be the last time I'll see her in quite some time (it is the last week of school before the holiday and the exam period will start), I was meaning to ask her out last evening. But because she was always with her friends or working at the Christmas dinner, I let the chance to ask her out slide.
Now I am a bit bummed out about this, and I was wondering wether or not it is a good idea to ask her on facebook if she wants to go to the local Christmas market with me on Friday evening this week.
But is this appropriate? I really wanted to ask her out last night but it just didn't happened, and I don't want to wait till February to talk to her again. However I'm afraid she will find me daft for not asking her in person at the Christmas dinner. What should I do?


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  • You could send her a message asking for her phone number and then call and ask her out. Or send her a brief message saying you enjoyed her company and does she want to meet up sometime soon to have coffee or dinner. I say go for it. 👍🏻

    • So I shouldn't ask her on facebook?
      I'm also a bit afraid that I'm going a bit to fast, and that that might scare her off. However I think she knows I'm attracted to her in some way, and I like to think she at least likes me a little bit too.
      But don't you think she'll find it dull that I'd asked her something like that over facebook?

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    • I'd rather do it on facebook though. But if it's not done then I guess that's a bad idea. I only think, if she likes me or wants to hang out with me, then it doesn't matter what way you ask her out, right?

    • Or you know what, maybe I'll see her today and ask her in person. In retrospect it is better not to do it over facebook or phone.

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