What should I do about this guy?

I met this guy in September and we started texting/snapchatting everyday. We had no problem talking about anything and he would constantly keep the coversation going. Sometimes we'd go a couple days without talking but nothing too much and we also had a class together. We started hanging out and it took him forever to ask me to hang out just me and him but we finally did and we kept talking a lot. One night we hooked up and I asked him if he was going to stop talking to me after and he said he wasn't going to do that to me and he figured I'd be the one to do that to him. Well after that he started being really shady towards me and we didn't talk as much, then a few weeks later everything went back to how it was and we started talking again. Well these past couple weeks he's acted weird. He'll talk to me sometimes and when he does, the conversation just doesn't last. He doesn't try to see me either but I texted him and said we should hang out soon and he agreed but we haven't. I noticed the other day that he was on his phone texting someone a lot. Clearly he's lost interest but I don't know how to talk to him about it. I want to ask him straight up but I'm scared.
Everything just used to come so natural and now I feel like its forced. Sometimes he still acts interested but it's stressing me out bad!!!


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  • I think he was interested, but not totally from day-one. Once he got to know you totally and fully he was overall just not interested enough to continue. He is probably maintaining just a minimum with you now so he doesn't feel like a complete douche about it.

    • Or do you think it could be cause he got what he wanted (sex) and sees no point now? I just don't see how he could lose interest honestly. We aren't boring together at all.

    • That is certainly a possibility. I don't think too many guys are going to invest all that time with you and all that build up to only have sex once and then totally lose interest if they only wanted sex. I think if only wanted sex he would tried for it way sooner.

    • Well when we first started talking, he did make a lot of sexual references and stuff like that.

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  • Ask him out again to get together just the two of you and feel him out.


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  • You need to talk to him str8 up!


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