How do I meet girls looking for a relationship?

Well I am 22, a senior in college and I'm looking for girls who want a relationship. I determined that making friends with girls and then going out with them doesn't work for me because its impossible for me to take the relationship from friend, to romantic (I've tried and failed countless times), so instead I am looking to just start the relationship off the bat as romantic, no fooling around with any of that other crap. Where do I meet girls who want a relationship and not friendship? I'm not looking to sleep around, I'm looking for a girlfriend.


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  • You're only 22 so you still have lots and lots of time to meet the perfect girl! I think you should maybe let fate do its job and your perfect girl will just happen to fall into your arms one day. I'm a big believer on things like this. If you want to start a relationship with a girl as romantic right off the bat approach a girl you find attractive and are interested in and tell her straight up that you want to get to know her. Whats the worse that could happen? If she says she isn't interested, move on. If all else fails, try tinder?

    • Nah tinder isn't ideal, its based mostly off of looks, and women get tons of messages everyday I dont want to have to try and make mine stand out, especially since I hate texting, thanks for commenting though.

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    • Oh I dont want a princess, they are too high maintenance, maybe just a humble stable girl would be best.

    • When you find that humble stable girl you'll be treating her like a princess and you won't even know it.

  • anywhere other than the club or bar it depends if you two just click... you know?


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