Does he like me or is he just being friendly?

so there's this guy in my geology and sociology class, I always thought he was cute. Unfortunately we don't seat together in neither class, but In gel he seats behind me. The first time he spoke to me was to ask for my name. After that we rarely spoke but I would catch him in the library and sometimes he would come up to me and ask random questions. A few days ago he missed class and asked if I could share with him my notes. I handed him my notebook but it was already time to leave, so I told him he could either keep my notebook or to take a picture of it. Although he had his phone with him, he told me to take a picture of it and to send it to him in a text. I guess that was his way to ask for my number? we started texting and that same day he asked me if I would be down to go eat with him but after that he didn't text me no more. I don't know but this guy is weird. He doesn't talk to me or say hi when we are in class but when I'm alone he always comes up to me and talks to me. I don't know if he's interested or if he was just being friendly?


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  • He likes u most probably... He is shy i guess.
    Try opening him.. if u like him back.


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  • He sounds interested in you.


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