Affectionate in person but neutral over text?

(Quick backstory feel free to skip) I recently got into a relationship with this guy. I'll admit we moved pretty quickly (in the sense that we became exclusive very fast) but things are going well. We've both been very busy, he works full time from early morning to late night (7 days a week), and I have finals coming up. And to add on top of that, I lent my sister my car for the week and he totaled his car and currently doesn't have one. So we haven't seen each other since Friday, and won't see each other at all this weekend because I'm leaving for a small trip.

Anyway, so our only form of communication has been over the phone for the last 5 days. In person he's very hands on. He's not afraid of PDA, and always puts his hand somewhere. My waist, my back pocket, my hand, etc. When we hang with his friends he never leaves my side and is very attentive. But over the phone, he is so different. He texts me when he wakes up and when he gets off work, but he isn't flirty at all. We just talk about our days, and he barely responds to what I say, just starts a new topic. He doesn't say goodnight either (which I don't really mind but still). Based of our texts we could be siblings for all you know. I know texting isn't the biggest deal ever, but I feel like it's a good way to get to know each other without getting distracted. Could he just be a bad texter, or could it be that he is only really interested in me if we're physically together?


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  • Yep, he's probably a terrible texter.


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