Guys, should I text her first?

Ok there is this Girl who made the first move on me... we exchanged mails and we talked very nicely and we even flirted a bit.
I called her baby... and she said :"I have a boyfriend... dont call me baby" otherwise i have to stop talking to u.

me: just ignore the "baby" word, i like u a lot,, i can't control.
she: no i won't, u dont respect my relationship and me, we have to stop talking.
me: ok fine, then stop talking.
she : ok then bye.
me : bye
she: have fun
me : ok.
It has been a week we did not text, she comes online... like the first thing in the morning she does is to check my text and last thing before sleeping she checks my text.
what should I do?
  • I should text her, it was my fault.
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  • I should not text her, she said bye so it was her fault... I should maintain my self respect.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • She is not interested in you. Stop texting her.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't text her man. You'll get drama sooner or later from her and her boyfriend and maybe her friends.
    Don't forget girls tell each other EVERYTHING.. they are hard to trust

    • Yeah bro... im not texting her now...
      If she wants to talk she will text otherwise feck her...

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  • What? She flipped off from you calling her 'baby' .. I reckon don't message her, not worth it.


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