He hasn't texted in 3 days- thoughts?

I've gone out three times with this guy who's driven for an hour to see me once a week pretty much for the past three weeks. last Friday when we hung out, we ended up coming back to my place since he was kind of drunk and I didn't want him to drive back in that state. We made out and cuddled. He told me he really likes me and he wants to be part of my life. He also asked me if I was looking for anything serious and said he is. I told him that I'm open to it and I like him but I don't want to rush things. I was pretty affectionate and told him more about me and he sounded interested. He stayed the night and left the next day. He texted me the next day just to check in on me and we texted very briefly on Sunday. I haven't heard from him in the past three days - i know that i might be overthinking; but just in my past experience, when a guy is really interested he would text more and check in on me more. Thoughts? has he lost interest? He's in third year med school but he's pretty chill and relaxed (which is part of the reason why I like him lol)


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  • Why don't u text and check?
    Maybe he's in trouble or isn't texting to see what yr interest level is

    • Hmmm okay! I'll text him later today to say hi. I'm just afraid that if I reach out I won't know his interest level lol but time will tell

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    • yayyy texted him and he offered to drive up to hang out next week. :) thanks a lot for the courage!

    • Welcome 👌👍

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  • "Has he lost interest?"
    No, not necessarily. Maybe you should initiate texting him.

    • just did! thanks for the advice :)

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    • yea! He did pretty quickly. and he offered to drive up to see me for next week! :) so yayyyy

    • I am glad it worked for you!

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