Would a girl ever act uncomfortable around a guy she liked?

I keep chatting with this girl in my class, and I was getting a feeling that she was starting to like me. I don't know if I'd say she's shy. She just sits in the back with an unfriendly look on her face. But once you start talking to her she is talkative. When I talk to her she starts smiling and seems excited. I dont know how she acts around other guys, she never talks to any of the other guys in class and I haven't seen her around any other guys. She chats with this other girl in class a lot.

Anyways I wanted to ask for her number and I didn't want to do it in class in front of everyone. So after class I walked with her a bit, but she seemed kind of uncomfortable so that threw me off and then she had to walk off a different way then me and said something but she talked too fast and I didn't understand her. Then she smiled and waved and said "see you". The way she smiled at me and looked me in the eye seemed positive though. I dunno if I'm imagining it.

I can't figure out what she thinks at all. I guess I might as well just ask for her number next time I see her and see what she says.


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  • It depends on the girl, but yes, there are girls who act uncomfortable around the guys they crush on.


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    she is NOT interested in you... because when a girl is interested she wouldn't be running from u outside the class, infact she would talk to u nicely and patiently.
    MOVE ON BRO...
    no matter what a girl does in the class... even if she hugs u it doesn't matter...
    what a girl does outside the class that is what it matters...
    MOVE ON BRO... or just tell her u like her... maybe then she will give it a chance...


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