I am not sure if I should be worried or not that I have not gotten a girlfriend again yet?

I have been asking myself lately if I should be worried if I don't have a girlfriend yet. I have had 1 or 2 girlfriends before. and when my last relationship ended I was worried i would never find anyone again and went on hard on the search and always worrying that I don't have one.

I have been single for almost 2 years now. and I have reached the point where I ask myself if i should even worry about it. some days I am okay and happy the way my life is now and other days yeah i do get my little worries about wheather I will get a girlfriend again

Your thoughts? any of you experience the same feeling?


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  • Don't worry! From 20 to about 22 I was single. Dated 4 different guys, people just weren't looking for the same things that I was looking for. Then met my husband and was married at 23? 24? It will work out.


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