Should I reach out sooner or later?

Been on 2 dates with a guy. I invited him out for drinks and he said he'd keep me posted, because he was scheduled for a meeting the same night. Anyway, he ended up contacting me last minute because the meeting wasn't 100 percent confirmed. I sounded a little pissed off over the phone. He did explain himself and was very sweet, but I still gave him attitude. I could tell he was a little taken aback by my tone. Anyway, I haven't heard from him and I know it's because of how I acted.

I want to reach out. Would it normally be better to wait, give him space then reach out? Or should I reach out ASAP so that he knows I'm sorry and didn't mean it? I just don't want him to view me any differently because of how I acted, so I'm curious to know what my best course of action is.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Right now he is viewing you differently and that's why he isn't contacting you...
    So if you are really sorry then reach him ASAP


What Girls Said 1

  • If you are already giving him attitude after two dates I think it is pretty safe to say you won't be hearing from him again. If by a small chance you do don't mention it or apologize just move past it. It will only make it worse. Don't reach out to him first though just accept the loss and move on.


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