Do some guys play mind games with girls or is that all a myth?

Honestly, normally guys I talk to don't play games with me if they're interested but there is this guy at my college who is the biggest enigma. I'm attractive, I'm smart, I can easily take my pick with guys here (I'm not conceited, just aware of my attributes ahem..) and in person he seems really into me. His eyes give it away.
Before I introduced myself to him, since we live in the same building (it's a smaller campus so it's not like we pass by so many people a day) we would walk by each other and each time he would purposely stare at me. I mean, his head would follow my body as we passed each other. He smiled at me one day. Another day we literally ran into each other and he nodded at me. Other days he would stare at me and nod at me too. Then when I finally introduced myself, he was like how did you notice me? From where? I don't remember ever seeing you before. When did we see each other? Etc... Like he had never seen me before in his life. He's like "I keep to myself, I'm surprised." Umm okay... ? I felt SO creepy & weird.

And now, its been a good month. I recently showed him signs I'm into him, I sent a rather flirty message, and now he acts so weird around me. Like he's about to jump out of his skin or like he doesn't want to talk to me or doesn't know how to act. Half like he wants to run away, half like he wants to ask me something. Yet, I know he finds me cute and our personalities click. But he's ignoring me. He's just so weird. I get he's kinda nerdy and doesn't have a lot of experience, but I thought guys always show their interest. So maybe he just doesn't like me... ?


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  • Some guys do yes but not all of them. U need to learn the signs over time and if u suspect it then dump his ass


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  • Of course some guys do. For instance, there was a guy on here who made a MyTake about if a guy is friend-zoned, he should simply stay in that friend zone but DO NOT be there for the girl when she needs it so that she can fall for/chase the guy she rejected.

    That's Class A manipulation and abhorrent in my eyes for anyone to do.


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