Why do a small percentage of girls play games? And make it hard to have relationship?

Hey everyone I've met some nice girls who have no interest in dating and only see me as a friend yet they lead you on ( although in hindsight I can see how silly I was to stay friends with them because nothing was ever going to happen) do some girls do this to feel better? Also the only girl I've ever dated was dating another guy at the same time and didn't tell me anything until the 5th date while she knew my father was dying and just left me in the dust because at the time I came across with as being a bit anxious (but that was because my dad was dying) and she ended dating the jerk who messed her around. And I know girls probaly get asked out everyday , but I seriously can't even bother anymore because a lot of girls seem to be into guys who are loud and stupid and I'm very introverted and quite


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  • first of all stop generalizing! not all girls are into the loud and stupid ones... and when it comes to "playing games" some girls as well as guys do it so it doesn't concern only girls... and also some people might play games because they haven't been taken seriously in a previous relationship... they do it as revenge or because they're immature


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