How to act in this situation? regarding a girl?

Yesterday i met up with a girl, and we have a lot of fun. We kissed but once i continued texting with her, she seemed off. today she texted me that she didn't feel the wow factor but doesn't know if she wants to give it another shot since she would be walking away again. personally i dont believe in the wow factor, or as she called it, fireworks. fireworks end with a big bang, since i have been in a few relationships that hit of hard, and ended with arguements, bad feelings and insults. i told her, listen , just give it a try, we cna have a 2nd date, just have a good time and i won't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. so we agreed for next week Sunday but i feel like she might cancel it. she is also really quiet, we had pretty fun conversations and now she is just cold. i dont know if she isn't just into me, on basis of my looks or if she is just not sure. should i keep texting her, or tell her, listen you dont have to agree on meeting with me Sunday, just because i ask you. i want you to meet out of your own admission and have a good time. how to handle this situation, should i be a bit more distant now?


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  • no acting more distant will only go in her favor to not wanting anything. Juts be casual and hopefully she will want a 2nd date. if not then better luck with the next girl. but if u do go on that u have to seriously make up some ground and make those fireworks happen. when a girl says fireworks or spark or whatever else it means emotional connection and chemistry between u 2. so dont talk about boring hows work or whats your fav food quiz like questions. its boring and she wants something more meaningful like her passions or views on the things she loves. also i would say that touching her is super important.

    a lot of guys make the mistake of being too respectful and dont touch her. and by touch i mean putting a hand on her back or brushing arms or leg touching when u r sitting with her. this might seem insignificant but it builds the connection between u 2 a lot. and if she is comfortable with these kind of touches it will flow more smoothly to touch her in more intimate ares such as her neck, inner thigh and so on. also i would be more flirty and sexual with her.

    • Nailed it! Take his advice

    • ok ur advice seems fine, just how to implement it, because we had these cool conversations , always a lot of fun and just casual stuff that made her laugh. just that seems all gone, just i just texted her something about when to meet up, and said i wanted to rob the candy store with her, after that she gets a nice slice of choco cake. just trying to be funny, ok i admit, maybe the kissing was a bit to soon, but i thought she looked really handsome. uhm i just try to determine a time with her, and be casual and fun. if she cancels it last moment i know enough

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