Why do men sext girls when they're in a relationship?

I was texting a guy for a couple of months and we were meant to meet up round Christmas time. He goes all weird for a couple of days and doesn't reply so I called him out on it to be told "I met someone"
Now in hindsight, he has been probably seeing someone the whole time we were talking. He didn't want me to phone him, disappeared every weekend. Now I feel as stupid as hell for falling for it.


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  • Some want the cake and to eat it and never satisfied with the portion they get. Sad and gives us a bad name but women do it too!

    • Oh I agree women do as well. Just hurts when you think you were getting somewhere and it turns out you were being used all along.

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    • Your welcome lol keep ya chin up and forget about him, move on and be luckier next time ;-)

    • I'll hopefully recognise the signs next time lol 😉

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