Guys, Exclusively dating, yet he doesn't reply to my text messages. Should I ask what's going on?

I'm 26 and he's 31. When I was 19, we had a crush on each other, he was my sister's coworker. Years later, he found me on fb, but we were both in relationships. This past January, he messaged me but I had a boyfriend at the time. As soon as a changed my fb status to single, he messaged me. We exchanged numbers; we would text all of the time & be on the phone for hours. We had our 1st date. I told him that it takes me several months to get to the level of intimacy, he said there wasn't a problem with that. A week after the 1st date (April 2015) he mentioned that when it comes to dating he takes things slow before he makes it official. We had our 2nd date, it was very intimate (no sex tho), we had a great time. A week later, he calls me and says "I really like you. I'm not ready to be in a relationship, but I don't want to lose you. I want to keep you in my life." After that he stopped talking to me for 4 months. I messaged him on his birthday this past October, i messaged him exactly at 12am. We started talking again, we went out on a date and had sex. That night he declared that he wants us to be exclusive. I explained to him that I like him a lot, but I'm not ready to be in a relationship at the moment, perhaps in a few months. He told me the same, that he also isn't ready that maybe in a year once he gets a bigger apartment then he would want to make it official. I'm worried because he hasn't really text me as often as before. I understand he works out and works a lot, but I'm not dumb either. I really like him a lot: I've put in my time, tears, patience, and effort on this guy. It will be a year in March since we exchanged numbers. I have a lot of patience, a lot, but sometimes i get frustrated about this. I want to confront him about the situation, but I also don't want him to avoid me for months in a row like before. What are your thoughts about all this?


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  • Going slow is fine as long as your not plodding along. You might need to activate the honeymoon period sooner than later. Without this the excitement eventually gets forgotten if slow has become to slow your nearly in reverse. x


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