If a girl says, she had fun but doesn't know what she wants? How to pick it up from there? lost here, need some advice ?

So her and i met yesterday and we had these really cool conversations before. So i thought it went great, we had a lot of fun, and we kissed. After that, she just seems distant. Her texts werent fun anymore , even if i tried to. Today she texted me she didn't know what she wants, she doesn't feel like not meeting up for a 2nd date because then she never gave it a real try but at the same time, she doesn't want to lead me on. Later she agreed on meeting me next week for a 2nd date but she didn't seem to happy about that. I m trying to stay fun and witty about it, and asked her if she would like to meet up next Saturday. So far no response, i dont think she wants a 2nd date, should i just tell her that i think its better that we probably not have the 2nd date, since i dont feel she is giving me an honest chance. i dont know i do like her but she was talking about fireworks etc fireworks as in having an instant spark, well i had these so called firework relationships, hitting of hard, ending up with a big bang, fights, arguements, hurt feelings, etc.. i do want to meet her for a 2nd date but at the same time dont want to be desperate


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  • Too many dates.

    • can you explain? we just had 1 date? or you mean it on a different way

    • Okay...

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