Is this guy serious or is he just playing?

There is the guy friend of mine who I've known for about a year now. He has always flirted a lot with me but I've never taken it too seriously since he has a reputation of flirting with every girl. Although he always keep flirting and talking to me even if he is talking to another girl. He comes to me for random and serious advice. We argue a hell lot sometimes. There have been moments where he'd go like "I love you" or "marry me" while holding my hand when I gave him a high five. He called me wifey once but I gave him a very funny look so he didn't again. In the past few weeks he started sitting with this new girl who is... I don't know how to put it nicely so... 'dumb'. I was kind of mad at him and he has now stopped flirting with her. 2 weeks ago he asked me out... I didn't give a real answer because I assumed he was kidding. He brought it up a few times again and I still didn't have an answer. Last week we were talking and there was another one of our friend's when he said, "you're it girl" kind of to himself. One of my guy friend's asked me if I think he like me because he thought so. That's what got me thinking. Is he serious?
And if anyone is wondering we are both in highschool


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  • I am not sure. It seems to me that he's attracted to you, but if he displays that kind of behavior with other girls, it doesn't make it special.


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