Girls a simple question?

My 18 year old girlfriend had gone to a party with her girlfriends. As we all know we need to give girls space to do there own thing as well. Later that same night she asked if i can pick her up. As i arrived in my car i noticed my girlfriend and her friends talking to a group of guys outside this house party. I walked up to the group and i walked away with my girlfriend back to my car. I then noticed all the guys were heavily starring at me. No more then a second as i'm walking away one of the dudes in that group screams to my girlfriend "HHEYYYY IM GOING TO text YOU". I had no idea what that was about but i was pissed. Yes my girlfriend can friendzone this guy but it doesn't help the fact that she gave out her #. Maybe i'm being insecure I don't know you tell me.

I ended up getting in a fight with my girlfriend over this and called her a whore in the car now she dumped me (currently pissed)... Did i over react?


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  • Of course you overreacted. You even called her a whore. What the fuck, man? Was that a serious question?


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