Carry on or call it off?

I'm a 20 year old girl and i've just been on a first date with a guy that i have been chatting to online for the past 5 months. We get on really well and we talk constantly. I really enjoyed the date and we did have a kiss at the end and he has since said that he really likes me. There's just one problem, I'm not particularly physically attracted to him. I'm hoping that because I love his personality I'll start to love him for who he is but I feel embarrassed to show my friends photos of him in case they will judge him. I have facial deformities and this is the first guy that has been interested in me before, and so part of me is wondering whether I'm carrying on because i like the idea of the relationship rather than him himself. What is your advice for how I should move forward, should I see more of him or call it off?


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  • Call it off
    Nt because he has a problem but because u r having trouble accepting him


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  • I think you're wanting to like him more than you do, if you're not feeling it then don't proceed, its better to be honest, don't be in denial. If you want to give it another go then go ahead, sometimes it really takes spending more time with someone to fall inlove etc.


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  • You should definitely call it off.


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