Relationships where you dont see each other much?

Lets say you're just getting to know each other but dont see each other much, is emailing, texting etc enough to keep the connection going, or do you feel you need to see each other fairly regularly?

Im not saying its out of sight out of mind but is texting really enough to really keep up with each other?

I feel you can keep up, but, im not sure if its a real relationship? Just my thoughts.


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  • It really depends on how long you've been talking to them and how often you see them or at least make an attempt to spend time with them or they with you. While most enjoy mental stimulation, anyone would be lying if they said they didn't want physical as well. Go to long and I don't think it will end up with a happy ending...


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  • Me and my boyfriend started out just texting/calling/skyping after we originally met because we live and hour away from each other. We only see each other on the weekends but we're making it work until I'm closer to him next summer.


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