Long distance relationship?

My boyfriend lives in the USA, I live in Canada. If it were legal I would have packed up months ago and moved in with him. It's the most difficult relationship however I love him more than anything. I've battled with depression my entire life and lately it's been feeling like it's impossible and we're never going to be together. And to make life more difficult my family has fallen apart so there is zero support there. I don't want to complain and bore you all but I'd LOVE to read some success stories from anyone who's been in an LDR.


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  • Nearly four years ago, a man from Egypt found me on Facebook and we then started a whirlwind romance by chance. After getting to know him better on Skype, I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo where I stayed with him and his lovely family for 30 days.
    Things went so well that after returning home, I then hopped again on board, where we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice. I remained for awhile, where I learned how to be a Muslim's wife. However, I can tell you, it wasn't all peaches and cream and like a dream.
    I am back in the states now, and with Breakingup and Makingup a million times over, we Attempted with everything in our own heart and power to keep this marriage going and flowing. However, sadly, with the Middle East what is Now and Before, personal things that were getting in the way, I have not gone back to him, and getting him here was a problem, for I didn't meet all the right requirements that they were looking for to bring him here, and a sponsor was nearly impossible for me.
    You have at least a Fighting chance to hang in there, dear. You are a stone's throw from Canada compared to a husband I have out in Egypt so I feel this is not a total loss. Perhaps you could get Him to come to you, it seems much easier, for I myself have been to different parts of Canada in my own life.
    As far as your Depression, keep an eye on this. If you are Not on medication, you need to see someone to best help you. It is hard enough in holding down a LDR without other such obstacles that would be in your way every day.
    If you both are working as a team, then Working as Team members and mates is the best way to Have and to Uphold any LDR, and if only One is making the effort, then I can sure tell you first hand, it can grow dead in the water with any lame duck excuse.
    Good luck. xx


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