How do I deal with a friend who wants to be with me romantically?

I'm a girl and my friend is also a girl. I met her one day and she had some sort of instant attraction to me as we had really hit it off. That day I had given her my number and she told me she thinks I'm attractive and she wanted to know what my preference was but I told her I'm not into girls. She told me she felt hurt but understood.

I still wanted to be friends with her so we met up a couple times but its kinda gotten weird. She tells me stuff about how we would be if we were hypothetically together, and she compliments my curves a lot, she's also been checking out my ass and other things when she thinks I'm not looking and its a little uncomfortable for me.

I understand she likes me and that's fine but I'm feeling a certain way about it and I'm a little afraid to move a certain way or bend down.. things like that. What should I do?


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  • You could try simply talking. Explain what she does is making you uncomfortable.. but really explain each and everything she does that makes you uncomfortable. Tell her that you want to be friends but things like this will eventually put a strain on your friendship of it hasn't done already. I'm sure she will understand.

    • Is there any way to let her down gently? She gets really emotional because she's so sensitive. The first time she asked about my preference and I told her she was hurt and continues to bring that up and makes me feel kinda guilty about it and I didn't even reject her

    • I don't I ow how it's possible for you to let her down gently if she was so emotional the first time. She should understand if she truly cares about you

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  • You should tell her that you're flattered by her interest in you, but you're only interested in being friends with her.


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