Do women really care if the guy has a crappy job? I know some would, but is it always a deal breaker?

I see some families succeed. I have a cousin who doesn't work at all, but her husband works at Costco and I guess he does OK.

I have always felt that girls would just ignore me because I haven't made it in a career yet
Still trying, but not successful yet


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  • Don't criticize me but when I see a really hot guy flipping burgers, I'm not really attracted. I find passion and pursuit for a better future very sexy. When I know that a guy doesn't have the best job but is working their ass off in school ohhhhhhh yesss. And it's not about just going to school, it's about knowing where you want to be and do. Anyone can go to school but with out direction or purpose, you might as well not have high expectation for a smart girl.


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  • They honestly do, I'm sure there are girls that don't, but even the independent career women want status because they're very shallow.


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  • Nope they don't not not


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  • Start save your money such give good response later


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