I can't figure out this Cancer guy?

Okay, so I just started dating this guy who is a Cancer, and I'm a Libra. We had one date this past Sunday, and we are supposed to meet up tonight to see a movie. We are both 27, if that helps. But here's the thing, he is pretty confusing.

When we were on our first date I thought that it went pretty well. He made plenty of eye contact and smiled at everything that I said. Our conversation flowed really well. He was very thoughtful about the choice of place and he was a perfect gentleman. Towards the end of the date we walked and talked for a little bit. He already wanted to make plans to see me again (for our date that is tonight) before he goes out of town this Friday. I could tell that he was lingering because he didn't want me to leave yet. He started to make excuses to touch me (in a cute flirty way, not in an inappropriate way). He said that I was really attractive, and I told him that he is as well, and then he just kissed me. And then we parted ways after that. I think that maybe he needed reassurance that I found him attractive before he tried to kiss me? He seemed like he is a little shy in his mannerisms.

Well anyways, what is confusing me is that we don't really communicate much. He doesn't reach out to me often, I usually have to make the first contact. He will reply but it will take a while (about an hour), and I try to wait a while to text him back in return. But when he replies he doesn't say much. He just makes small talk and says little flirty things, but he does seem interested. I asked him if he still wants to go out tonight, and he confirmed that we will meet up. I can't tell if he is just shy, or playing it cool? Or is this is just the way a Cancer man behaves when he is interested?
If you don't believe in Astrology you can still answer my question. I also asked if it could be that he is shy or playing it cool?


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  • Well he could just be super courteous and doesn't want to intrude on your daily life. So maybe verbalize to him he doesn't have to always wait for you to start. and say it in a fun perky kinda up beat way. And dont guilt him into always text you.

    He sounds super kind and awesome. Just take it slow and remind him a relationships only work if both halves work at it.

    Experience: I'm a Aquarius and supposedly were really confusing and and my girl friend had to tell me that its okay to text her lol cause I'd hate to be a nuisance or mess with her daily life (Aquarius x Scorpio) So far so good for our unlikely relationship.

    • I think that might be what it is. I am going to take your advice and bring it up tonight on our date, but like you said; in a way that I'm not making him feel guilty. He does seem very nice, and I really like him so far. I'm used to dating assholes, so this is a first for me. Yes, I have dated an Aquarius before, and you guys are pretty confusing. Aquarius men seem to give no kind of indication what-so-ever that they are interested. Thank you for your answer, it really helped me a lot!

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  • Hahaha I don't think his star sign matters really.. but anyway he seems really shy. I think he's interested, but scared to be rejected or something..


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  • Just shut up about the Astrology shit, it's all bullshit, seriously, it means nothing.


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  • Star signs are bullshit. What day of the year you were born does not affect your personality at all.


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