Have you ever dated someone with depression?

I'm wondering what's like, there's this girl I feel like we have something going, but her mood changes and I'm a little scared to go into a relationship for her.


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  • It has happened. It was tough, but I guess I would do it again.

    • What were some of the tough moments of it?

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  • Many women can have mood changes for a number of reasons, it dosent necessarily mean she is depressed, I've dated strong women who are very emotionally stable and happy with themselves and their lives and still they get mood changes. So you gotta make sure if what she is having is depression and not a regular mood swing women may sometimes get.

    If it is depression, Dont. A depressive person needs help but is not in a healthy state for a relationship, and she has little control over her emotions and will wind up dumping much of her problems onto you and depending on you for emotional stability, something that she should have on her own. Unless you have a mind, will, and self esteem of steel, she will more likely than not end up dragging you down with her, and whats worse, if you dump her, especially when she becomes emotionally dependent on you (tends to happen quickly), you'll effectively leave her in an even worse state that may border suicidal.

    There are many ways to help a depressive person, but via a relationship is not one of them. Unless youve already been in a relationship with said person for a long time, and are committed, dont involve yourself with someone you can confirm has depression. If you want to help her, be her friend, lend an ear, encourage her, get her to go out, but do it from a position where your not committed like you would be in a relationship.

    • She is clinically depressed.

    • My advice then: Dont. There are many other women out there who are in a mentally healthy state for a relationship, this girl ain't one of em. Unless your a glutton for suffering.

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