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A guy I used to flirt with a lot last year and talk to everyday, recently he got a girlfriend and today i said "morning" because i thought we were stil friends right then because he was grumpy because of his school work was worring him he ignored me but like when i said "morning" to him his girlfriend turned her head to look at his reaction to me.. later on the day he and his girlfriend where in the hallway and he looked at me and called my name like 5 seconds after i passed them so i said "yo" as i walked away i heard his girlfriend say to him "Your heart belongs to me" and she sounded a bit possesive and perhabs jealous ( to be honest and im not saying this out of jealousy or somthing but she is pretty ugly im sure everyone is aware even his best friend thought she was ugly as well)

later the on the day i was doing my work in a different class room and the teacher dident know where i was and needed me so she asked my friend to go get but the person who came get me enstead was that guy and that is strange because the teacher did not even ask him to go get me later my friend told me the teacher asked her to go get me so i asked my friend "so why did he showed up?


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  • he is just friendly


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