What does this mean?

Okay so I really really like this guy, and well this guy is my guy best friend.☺️ & I am too scared to tell him how I feel because I am afraid of rejection. And well my friend wants us to get together, she told him that me & my guy best friend should get together & that we would be cute together and all of this other junk yesterday.😂 And today at school he kept glancing at me a lot, and he kept on smiling at me a lot. He "accidentally" hit me with his bag while it was in his hand while he was passing me and when I turned and looked at him he was smiling at me. Then he talked to me for like a second and then he was walking to class and he was in front of me and he turns around and smiles at me again. And he is still thinking about me & him getting together. Does this mean anything? And if it does what does this mean?
I forgot to mention that when my friend told him that, he said that he would think about it!


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  • Maybe someone told him something funny about you


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