Whats the rational thing to do?

I live with my mom but I despise her, because of her I hate my hometown. I want to leave to another city, only problem I dont have my bro and sis over there and no one can move. My brother said the rational thing to do is is to stay close to family, my mother i jate and all contact will be cutt off, too much bad blood , I want to move to that bigger city to piss her off and make her emotionally sick. what should I do


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  • Therapy. Therapy can work wonders.

    Also, move the fuck out from your mom's when you can. There's no reason you have to stay in the same city - people do move away from their families and survive.

    If you want to stay close to your siblings, maybe move to another nearby city, or stay in the same city but don't talk to your mom - just make sure your siblings understand that being around her isn't healthy for you, and you just need space away from her.


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