My boyfriend broke up with me for 'always making bad faces'?

I actually got upset with him because he'd been out of town for last minute social trips and didn't send me any pics of the city and trips like he used to. It was also right before my birthday so everytime he told me of a new outing a cringed thinking he'd forget my birthday right before he told me what weekend it was.

My thinking face does look like a bothered face but not my actual bothered face, if I am I come out with it. But he accused me of dragging him down everytime we do what he wants to do which was always. When I did meet his friends they always liked me even the girls and he got to see this whole new side of me where I get excited to talk to his friends.

But it sometimes if I'm not included in a convo or whatever my mind wonders off to something I can come up with at work or a book I want to read. Then I get the look he doesn't like.

He he says he hates doing his things with me because I'm a bitch with that look the whole time. I tried and tried to tell him that nothing makes me happier then doing those things with him because it shows me who he is and I love who he is. But he says no I'm just a bitch that doesn't like new things.

So we aren't together but I get so scared of something like this happening again. I have a good job, I'm pretty and smart. His friends really liked me and wanted us to do couple things with them (his married friends). I met the single ones too but all of them were like whatever because he doesn't know how to keep a relationship I was the longest he had and they went 5 months without seeing him I found out when we ran into them at a pub.

It just hurts because he doesn't trust me when I tell him I'm being sincere. Also we never ever did what I wanted so when he tells me I make and Dave when doing what he wants I'm like... but we always do what you want.


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  • i think it was just an excuse


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