How can I keep my mouth shut?

on dates I tend to say things that hurt a guys ego and they end up not calling me, or seeing me again. They dont even want to get sexual cause the attraction died out because I acted not like a weak female, how can I stop being a bitch and stop making sneaky comments? I messed up today with this cute guy


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  • "... see... there's and upper jaw and a lower jaw... now if you should just bring them close... the appendage called the lips will..."

    I know what you mean... you play offense in the hope of playing defense. You have to find the right balance... not everyone is out to get you and snide comments are terribly unsexy. I can teach you... you may think guys don't get offended, they do, but don't say anything... they just "... end up not calling me, or seeing me again"...


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  • what exactly do you say?

    • I dont notice it but stuff like.. that takes their manliness away

    • how does a comment make their manliness go away?

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  • What kinda comments?


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