Girls, If you like a guy... how much time you will spend with him?

We meet once a week for our classes...
So there is this girl... who sometimes sit with me for entire day or sometimes dont sit with me but sit at some other place...
but when she doesn't sit with me... she comes upto me in breaks for 5 mins and sits with me and laughs and smilingly and happily and then she leaves and then we dont talk for entire day.
is she interested?
  • She is really interested and i should chase her.
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  • She is not interested, she is just being friendly.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As long as he didn't see it in a stalkerish way, I'd try to hang with him often

    • So do u think she is interested?

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    • Please explain...

    • After rereading your story, I think maybe she just views you as an acquaintance. Small talk. A quick laugh. Sorry :(

Most Helpful Guy

  • She is being friendly dude, becuz u meet once a week and that too she only sits with u for 5 mins... nah nah... she is just a friend. otherwise she would have spend all the time in the breaks with u..

    • Maybe she is giving me hint to chase her?

    • Take your chances, but i doubt she is romantically interested in you.

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  • Sounds like a friendly. If she was really interested she would've spent a lot more time than just 5 mins to talk to you even if she does sit with you for an entire day sometimes.


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